Calculating CPD Hours

How do you get your certificate with contact hours?

Once you have reviewed and completed one of our CPD modules you should return to the ECSACON website to take a post-test of the module you have completed.

On the certificate we will have the number of ECSACON contact hours based on the American Midwifery Board CEU Policy.

How we calculate CPD hours:

Each CPD module is selected by affiliates of ECSACON and reviewed by 2-3 experts in that module topic area. These experts are part of the CPD Library Review Committee. As a part of the review process a report will be generated that will inform ECSACON of how many hours it took them to complete the module they reviewed.  The average number of hours between the 2-3 reviewers will be used for determining the contact hours for each course.

Each country may have a different way of calculating CPD hours, so to facilitate transparency 1 CPD unit consists of ten (10) contact hours, therefore:

1.0 CPD unit = 10 contact hours

For example, if a CPD module took 1 hour to complete, it would be 0.1 CPD unit. If the module takes an average 3 hours to complete, it would be .3 CPD unit.

Last modified: Monday, 29 June 2015, 5:20 PM