CPD Reviewers Corner

Would you like to be a reviewer?

Send us your CV and cover letter that delineates your areas of specialty at cpd@ecsacon.org


  1. Proven professional experience in area of specialty
  2. Excellent English written and communication skills (Portuguese and French expected in the future)
  3. A minimum of undergraduate degree in Nursing and related fields
  4. Masters or advanced degree in a related subject area will be an added advantage
To be a CPD library reviewer is a 2-year appointment with ECSACON, and we expect timely feedback within 2 weeks of receiving CPD modules.   The process for review will be as follows:

  1. You will be contacted via email that a module is up for review.  Content should be reviewed within 2 weeks.  If you will be unable to review content within that time-frame, please provide ECSACON administration a prompt email, preferably within 48 hours of notification, so that we can find another expert to review the content in your place.
  2. You will be provided a CPD Module and module questions for the post-tests to review via email.  If you have a conflict with the material under review, again, please provide us with a timely notification so we can find another reviewer.
  3. Because modules (in most cases) have already been developed, and it will be difficult to get a timely revision of the content from the providers, we expect the module to either pass or fail the review process.  However, any suggestions for module revisions can be provided to ECSACON who can forward to content providers for future edits and updates to their modules where appropriate.


 2014-2016 Reviewers

1. Angellina J.Chilumpha (Malawi)

2. Anthony Sefasi (Malawi)

3. Lena Mkamiti Mfalila (Tanzania)

4. Juliette Henderson (Seychelles)

5. Cynthia Nombulelo Chaibva (Zimbabwe)

6. Elizabeth M. Chadambuka (Zimbabwe)

7. John Mugarura (Rwanda)

8. Joyce Kamdonyo (Malawi)

9. Lillian Dodzo (Zimbabwe)

10. Mpoeetsi Makau (Lesotho)

11. Nomsa Magagula (Swaziland)

12. Ntsoaki Ralejoana (Lesotho)

13. Regina Kanyemba (Zimbabwe)

14. Sheila Shaibu (Botswana)

15. Hermine Iita (Namibia)

16. Jane Namasasu (Malawi)

17. John Arudo (Kenya)

18. Angula Penehafo (Namibia)

19. Champion Nyoni (Lesotho)

20. Balwani-mbakaya Chingatichifwe (Malawi)

21. Isabella W A. Musisi-Msolomba (Malawi)

22. Jennifer Munsaka (Zambia)

23. Auxillia Chideme (Zimbabwe)

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